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 Tony Smith

An accomplished leader, inspirational speaker, mentor, coach, inventor, and business/IT executive. With over 30 years of mentoring and coaching experience.

As a college student:

- Tony established coaching and mentoring programs for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students to get through weed out courses.


As a new Electrical Engineer:

- Tony delivered many "college to industry transition workshop" sessions. The attendees of these sessions were college seniors and juniors participating in the National Society of Black Engineers.


-Coached and trained grade schoolers from urban areas on the importance of math, science, physical fitness, and making the right choices in life.



As a UNIX specialist:

- Tony sponsored a homeless shelter.

- Worked in urban areas to get more kids interested in attending college.


As an IT Architect

- Tony mentored new architects across the world to success.

- Mentored C-Suite individuals as well.


As a Technical and Business Leader

- Tony authored Mentor 1on1.

- Coached and mentored multiple kids to success.

- Coached and mentored all levels of corporate leaders.

- Sponsored individuals from a mentally challenged shelter in the CZ Republic. 

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