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         Per Merriam-Webster: Mentor = A trusted advisor



      CARE Leads to RESPECT


Mentor1on1 was developed and formally published in 2004. For over 3 decades we coached and setup mentoring programs at various universities and institutions. Through this program, we mentored countless individuals around the world, helping them to become better coaches, leaders and subsequently better MENTORS.


There are various objectives to mentoring:

- Establishing your personal branding

-Enhancing leadership skills

-Executive communication

-College students transitioning to the industry

-Preparing high schoolers for future endeavors 


Our program is based on a simple and methodical approach, tools, hints, and tips for mentors to use to help protégés succeed. 

Mentor1on1 is an efficient step by step guide that addresses topics such as:

M - Manage the meetings

E - Explore the possibilities

N - Nurture the relationship

T - Test your approach and it's                          effectiveness

O - Organize potential opportunities

R - Research for the best results

The program's focus is on increasing any leader's ability to influence behavior and enable the protege' to reach their full potential. The methodology is applicable at all levels of mentor/ protégé’ relationships including high school, college, and corporate environments. 



For the past 34 years our leader, Tony Smith, volunteers 20 percent of his personal time and earnings to people in need not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

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Mentor1on1 provides seminars, workshops, team meetings, and one on one sessions. Our focus is to develop M.E.N.T.O.R.s. We deliver our principles to all levels and types of organizations on a worldwide basis over the past 30 years! Schedule yours today!

**Mentor1on1  gives donation to STEM Student Initiative at Goldsboro HS.**

In Partnership with Bcauseican

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